Updates for the next year 2019

Dec 2nd 2018

Ideas for December thru January:1. Worm hole with giant planet in the background - Tshirt idea2. More Jail- themed shirts3. Stones/rocks??  Rocks drawn on shirts, why..but cool??4. Flowers, lots … read more

This Just in - July 27th 2017

Posted by Matthew on Jul 27th 2017

New Ideas: Dino-Lawn - Mow with a purpose -- A dinosaur moving the lawn painted as a mowing company shirt with a tagline. Fake address and phone. Fake News Parody-- An alien behind … read more

Broken Stick Studio Site Journal July 18, 2017

Posted by Matthew Stitt on Feb 15th 2014

Welcome, What to write on a first blog for the brand new site? I'll tell you this, it's awesome to have a presence on the Internet but I've already learned their are awful people out th … read more