Diverse background in software maintenance. Primary experience in Java but branching out to Full Stack development and software testing. I enjoy a challange and gaining new skills. Motivated and team-oriented.
Work Experience
IBM Services Center: Lansing, United States
Application Developer
10/2012 - To date
Santander Bank
Project Description: System integration testing. Building knowledge of connected systems. Extensive work and documentation in a mainframe environment. Further testing and documentation within a Pre-Development environment that is unknown and poorly tested.
Project Description: Managed technical support team. The position required quickly gaining knowledge of DNS and Salesforce. Working with school districts to help make a transition to a new web host.
John Deere
  • I worked with an international maintenance and support team to address/resolve and test application issues. I promoted team documentation that improved that support. I worked/repaired Java-based programs and pushed them to production.
    • Application Description: (Two out of thirty applications supported by the IBM team.)
    • Web and Client tool Reporting tool - Three tiered application with local client, web client and Sap interaction. A Reporting tool used on the factory floor and was vital to the client.
    • Problem:
    • The application was handed over to the team with a history of performance issues that were tolerated. The application crashed on a holiday weekend causing massive outages. Outage was due to mismanaged messaging database within JBoss.
    • Solution:
    • Required an application rebuild. This build was coordinated by me and my US-based partner. Proposed to transfer messaging queue from JBoss to a managed MQ database. This required reconfiguration of the application, done by my partner. I created the design and requirement documentation for this change. I also managed interaction with the Business while coding was completed.
    • Parts Batch tool: Java application passed to team to maintain. The application ran a batch of fifty queries. It began by deleting most of the previous data. It acquired new data from a host process then updated or inserted the data back into the databases.
    • Problem:
    • Passed to the team with little information and guidance. The application was slow and inefficient.
    • Solution:
    • I built up documentation and understanding of the application. I implemented a policy of fixing the root cause of the issue instead of patching. I supported this application for a year while changing the methods to repair inefficiencies. This included increasing memory and repairs by the DBAs in the database.
12/2012 - 06/2013
State of Florida
Project Description: I worked with the Maintenance and Operations team to ensure that Priority 1 issues were dealt with quickly. I also worked with ADA compliant issues and applied the corrections to the application. I worked on trouble-ticket issues, including Word templates and other application bugs. I also worked for a short time on a project that included creating a JSP page. Lastly, I strived to complete a knowledge-base for the project to improve developer efficiency with frequent issues.
    Languages: Java, Java 2EE, VB, HTML, Java Script, XML.
    Frameworks: Struts1, Spring and Hibernate.
    Software: Microsoft Access, Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse and Rational.
    Databases: mySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, DB2 and Firebird.
    Testing: Selenium, Manual testing methodology, HP ALM.
    Limited experience: Angular 4, Soap UI, Postman and Business Intelligence (Cognos)
    Continuing Education
    Abiity to adapt and learn new software compentencies.
    Team Development
    Coach and motivate team to work together to create a successful team environment
    Analytical and Forward Thinking
    Identify challenges and create solutions for today while anticipating those of tomorrow
    Demonstrate autonomous actions making difficult decisions to accomplish high priority business needs
    Personal Credibility
    Own projects and own mistakes with integrity and accountability
    Baker College:
    Associates and Bachelor of Computers Science